Find closest hairdresser


trying to create an app that can find the closest hairdresser to a users location. Where ever the user is.
I found this:

There is a join block with four and one with three in the first picture. But I don´t know how to get four or three connections for the join block. I get only 2. Can someone help please?

Sorry guys worked it out

But it does not work.
I get an error saying that it cannot find the Activity Starter...? Can someone help here please?

Show screenshot

This finds clinics; it can also find hairdressers

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find blocks

Tried this simpler version but it is giving me a 601 error. It says No corresponding activity found. But I got the activity starter and localization sensor on the design.
What might be the issue?

removes the last point in:

What a silly mistake. Thank you ever so much for spotting it and your help.

Hey guys, the exact problem is happening with me, except I didn't make the same mistake as @XYZ123. Wonder what it might be!

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Send a screenshot.