Feature Requests

Is there one or more features that you would like to see in a future MIT-AI 2 update? Feel free to reply with your suggestions here.


  • checkbox for user default property settings for components

  • (your suggestions...)

Blocks Editor:

  • (your suggestions...)


  • (your suggestions...)



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Thanks for your reply, TIMAI2

? -> if I create a button with bolded text, set width to fill-parent, etc. I would like the next button I create to have the same settings.

I did not know that CTRL+C, then CTRL+V would work for copying components in the Designer. Thanks!


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  • Background color:

Provide option for color setting; sometimes, after few hours in front of the screen, my +50 aged eyes get tired of the brightness behind the blocks.

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I agree. I prefer dark mode settings by default. Dark mode would be a nice feature.

Create as many buttons as you want, then select them all and enter your settings. The settings will be applied to all selected buttons.

That is good to know. But what I was thinking of was along the lines of default settings or preferences. So each time a project is started it is not with the standard defaults, but with your preferences.

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  • Multiple selection

Sometimes I need to remove a bunch of blocks, or any other bulk action which is not possible in the current AI2 front; currently just one block parent can be selected at a time.

Multiple choice has been around for a long time. You hold Ctrl and select components to remove or edit common parameters.

Yes, Andre_Castro. That happened to me when I created 17 image sprites, it also created 34 event blocks that I did not want as I am using the 'any' blocks so only need one to handle each type of event. Maybe change the way copying components works in the Designer to prevent generating associated blocks in the Blocks Editor. After all, we can already copy blocks in the Blocks Editor if we want to.

I have 50 component blocks in a list. I can search for one, and pick it from a list, but it just creates it rather than jump to a highlighted block I already created. It would be nice to have a 'find' feature that jumps to the block already in the blocks viewer.

Hello @ScottFromScott.

I did not understand. Are you asking things to be added to the general IDE of AI2?
For a while i have been searching and asking for make other charts and mathematical graphics (other than the usual)

Example. I don't have a way to make Ternary plots or stereonet projections here.
This 2 needs a lot of maths to make them and then solving every data inserted to use it.
I need to make apps with this kind of graphs included.
i could solve it with python (because there are libraries to solve it and i can add it to the general app), but i want to make it here, because the ide is more easy and the porting from python to apk is terrible. (also, it's easy to teach to students the way to make an app with AI2 to solve it by themself).
So, do you know how to make this graphs with AI2 or a way to solve it? This will be of great help, because i want to use it in geological academical-educational purpose.
By the way, i have ask, some time ago, but i didn't find a real good way to solve it. (well. as i say it, with python is easy to add but complex to port to android).

There are block finder browser extensions at

Also, puravidaapps.com has a page on skulpt, which can run Python in a web viewer.

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Clicking the triangle below the warning indicator navigates to the offending block and turns it pink.

I was unfamiliar with the Ternary plot you described so I thought I would see what would be involved in trying to implement that feature with MITAI2 standard blocks. It was a fun exercise, and I hope that someone will create an extension to implement it in the future.

TernaryPlot.aia (63.6 KB)

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Regarding ternary plots, that reminded me of this thread

I have modified the input to accept whole number percent rather than decimal percent to simplify input. So rather than having to enter 0.05 you can just enter 5 for 5%.I have only one phone for testing. If the plots are offset on your phone, the (x,y) values entered for the three corners of the triangle may need to be adjusted as a percentage of the canvas width (X values) and height (Y values).

TernaryPlotV2.aia (63.8 KB)

Wow! Nice work! I had not seen that you solved this quite elegantly. I am just getting back into working with these blocks so am looking for challenges. Carry on!