Facing issue in login system

Hey , I'm facing issue in making my login page can you help. ?
Here are some screenshots -

(upload://c270QeF bbdklBxWZDbxbMJqPqM6.jpeg)

I use some components -
*Tiny dp
*Firebase database
*Device id (extension)

  • Notifier

Things which aren't working -
. Buttons of sign up & sign in
. Notifier

Hope you will help :pray:
Sorry for Problem

You need to improve your blocks screenshots, they are unreadable.

In the blocks editor, right click on some white space and select download blocks as image, then upload those images here.

You also may not need to have separate screen for your registration and login system, see here:



I'm sorry but I can't find that download button may be because I'm using mobile , any ways I crop images hope it will help

You did not mention what is your issue.
And the image you uploaded are with small resolutions.

A link for the device id extension ?

Are you switching screens correctly ?

Are you using the same tinydb namespace across different screens ?

Looks like you are overwriting tags in Firebase?

Yes it is extension. Wait I will provide you video link , can you see it and after that tell what's the problem or I should send you abb

It has 3 videos , it's the third part

Not searching through three videos....

. I'm using extension, yes
[ mod edit - only the developer can directly post their extensions here]

. Yes I think so
. Yes I using same namespace

What happens if you Do It the DeviceId block on your device? Connect your computer to the Companion on your phone/emulator, then select Do It.


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