Extension not working on alexa.appinventor.mit.edu

i have tried to add many extensions to my alexa.mit project to the screen part of my app but i always get an internal error and the inventor starts laging plus the extention does not show up.Althought the extensions work quite fine when i use ai2 is there a way to fix that?

what happens if you start a new project and import an extension?

how many extensions did you try to add? so it worked for a few and then not anymore? the project might got corrupted somehow... did you create backups of the project? if yes, import the backup and restart from there...


i have tried about 3 extentions but only one worked i also tried creating new projects after deleting the old one same error occurred.

please be more specific... which extensions are you talking about? any links?


these are the 2 extentions i tried and did not work

Weather (4).aix

and here is the one that worked(despite giving an error)

only extension authors are allowed to upload extensions... I removed them for you...
this is why I asked you for links to the published extensions...

@Gordon_Lu might be able to help


what about revealing that error?
also don't hesitate to provide a screenshot of what you are experiencing...

let me recommend you also to read our guide about how to ask, so we do not waste more time in figuring things out...


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thanks i ll try it out now


this is the error i am getting while uploading any of the extentions the weather one shows up and works fine even after showing this error but the others do not show up (as for my code i still haven't uploaded anything)

as for when i try adding the same extension a second time this pop up shows up

I understand pardon my mistake here are the links

as we now can see, you are using the server alexa.appinventor.mit.edu
I updated the subject of your thread...
my guess is, that server is not ready to work with extensions?
I just tried that server and can confirm the issue...

@ewpatton might know more...


Try to import this one:
alexa_extension.aia (5.6 KB)


okay i will thx

ok thanks for your help

the aia file worked great but i still was not able to add any more extentions

Thanks for the report. I have identified the root cause of the issue and we will work on a fix.