Errore prolungato di caricamento nel companion

Hello everyone,
For quite some time now, in order to try one of my apps via the companion, I have to wait up to half an hour of repeated attempts. I ask you what the problem could be

The project may be large, the internet may be slow. I just tried it, I don't have the same problem.

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Upload your project here and post the overview statistics of your project here in this thread


Hi Nicola

It appears to be "stuck" loading assets. If using images, are they optimised for Android? Does your App use extensions?

I decided to add 324 photos of automotive images with a png extension in 50x50 format, associating them with a ListView of the same and I don't use any extension.

to avoid
Ideas for App Inventor 2 Anti-Awards - #102 by ABG


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See also here:

@Anke you're right, I forgot that the "phase" extension was also present in my app; but my aia file is just 1.85 MB in size

The problem is not the size of the AIA, but the number of assets.
Try on this server:

@Anke Even uploading the AIA file with this server that you recommended, the problem remains

Post the aia or send it to me via PM.

Update @shreyash's Phase extension:

I've no problem with Companion and / or building the APK.

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The png images could be converted to webp, that would reduce the file size. Also, are any of those images 32bit but do not have transparency? If so, reduce them to 24 bit.

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