Emulator - white screen

Hi, I've been using the Windows emulator happily for a while and today it is not presenting my app's input screen as usual?? All I get is a white screen.

Please help as I am trying to finalise my test. Note my app uses Google Sheets and I'm not sure if it is being held up because of trying to activate the link.

  • does a different project load into the emulator ok? If yes, the emulator is working.
  • what happens if you load an aia of an earlier version of your app? You have been saving copies, haven't you?
  • re GoogleSheets ... has the emulator ever retrieved your GoogleSheet? If yes, the problem might be something else other than linking.
  • is your app linking to images or sound files stored somewhere on the web? Then maybe it is being held up trying to link. Use smaller images or try linking to another site.
  • how large is your Project aia? If it is large, the memory allocated to your emulator may be insufficient to load your Project.
  • what happens if you load your Project into a real Android? Borrow one Marianne if you don't have one.

To get specific advice, you might post you Blocks; otherwise all we can do is guess.

I see you are using the stock MIT emulator, which is the oldest, slowest, and most underpowered of all emulators.

There are other, faster, more recent emulators at