Emulator issue (has stopped unexpectedly)

Hello. I installed Emulator I did everything right and it opens correctly. The "telephone screen" opens and app inventor app opens too. However, my coding and block do not appear and after a long time waiting it says: "The Application MIT A2 Companion has stopped unexpectedly."
What do I do?

Edit: I have been trying over and over again and now it says " not responding "

Some questions that can help us identify potential problems:

  1. Which version of the emulator are you using?
  2. Do you have a lot of images and/or large images in your app?
  3. Are you able to connect with an empty project?

Emulator is up to date, I have had updated before. But I followed your advise and tried to connect to an empty project and it worked. And yes, I have large images. But their sizings are defined like this:

This procedure happens when the screen initializes.

I have tried it on my phone with AI Companion and it works but, not when I connect it to emulator. Help me please :slight_smile:

The issue may be you are using the emulator and the emulator has insufficient memory to resolve the images but your phone does. The emulator has limited memory assigned to it.

To test on the emulator, you might need to reduce the size of your 'large images'. You might wish to read Using Images with App Inventor

Be happy your complex image resizing code works using Companion or when you create you apk.

Thank you very much. I actually intended to see my porject in the different screen sizes, that is why I wanted to use emulator. (I do not have any android device except from my phone.) Do you have any idea how to do that? I have to place image sprites to a canvas but I want it to look good on every screen size.

Hmm. Re-scaling a Canvas with Sprites for different screen sizes is a bit of a nightmare (but possible...your code works on your device using scaling :slight_smile: )

You either need several Android devices to test your app's behavior or use a more sophisticated emulator than the standard emulator App Inventor 2 provides ( Android's basic emulator).

  • you might use a GenyMotion emulator that can simulate various devices and Screen sizes instead of the MIT provided emulator.

Genymotion Android Emulator | Cloud-based Android virtual ...

If you decide to use GenyMotion (there is a 'free' version), you need to use a special Companion Emulator setup Genymotion when you use it with App Inventor.

Thank you. You have been very helpful.

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