Emulator is not working since last week

Good morning, since last week my emulator does not work, it opens and it seems to run but I got an empty screen, I uninstall the aia Started, and installed again, but nothing works.

Please help!!!

Hi @Ilya,

Two things you can try to reset your emulator's state:

  1. Try doing Connect > Hard Reset. This will wipe the main emulator image, leaving the /sdcard partition intact.
  2. Delete the .appinventor folder in your home directory (C:\Users\USERNAME). This gets rid of everything and is basically the equivalent of getting a brand new phone.

After either of these operations you will need to update the companion app in the emulator. Follow the onscreen instructions when prompted by App Inventor to get the latest version.

Hello Ilya

If the on screen instructions do not materialise, here is a link: