Elementz - Digital Element Directory ! ( Appathon 2021 Finalists )

Elementz - Digital element directory !


Get Information on any Element in the periodic table easily.

Elementz is a digital element directory.

An app where students will every information about elements of the periodic table. The comes with a simple and minimal UI that is easy to use and understanding works fully offline.

The app has a central information display, where information related to the selected element is shown. A small summary about the element and properties overview as well. Its covers almost every needed property of the element.

In current pandemic period, study's has been changed dramatically, the way we used to study chapters/topics has been changed. Everything is available on the internet for free. Elementz is also a small contribution to the same. Students/teachers can use it for free and even without an internet connection. It makes study a bit easy.

The UI of Elementz is well designed and minimal, and very easy to use. All the info is displayed in front and all the function buttons are at the bottom to ease the UX.



Extension Developers :

App Icon: Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com
Font : Josefin Sans - Google Fonts
Wikipedia icon: Wikipedia.org

App Made with MIT App Inventor!




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Anyone can use/modify this aia according to their need without any permission.
If you publish it or use some part in your app, don't forget to give credits. It will be appreciated!!
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Great UI, @themaayur !

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Thank you @Gordon_Lu

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Great work, but this link is unavailable:

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After seeing your app, I really want to update my app with 0 UI.

Try, works for me



I think we used the same method :laughing:

Yes, it did.

Oh I forgot to change it. Now it's updated

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Your apps concept looks quit similar to mine :slightly_smiling_face:

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I thought it should be this one:

Oh nice idea, will do it. Thx once again :slight_smile:

Elementz is a open source application, it's source will be shared soon.


is this app open source now?

Yeah :grinning: