Edit csv file strored in the internal storage of the mobile

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to develope an aplication that edits a csv file previously stored in the internal storege of the device (NOT the SD).
Unfortunatly I recive the message that the file cannot be found.
What is the right way to right a path?
Thenks a lot.

Start your research here

then come back with a more detailed question...

Read this Some basics on Android storage system , store the file in shared storage and read it using SAF


Are you sure you want edit csv file stored in the internal storage ? please be more precise and show your blocks. Documents folder is not in the internal storage.

I whant to write an app that aloud me, once I stored a csv file into a specific folder (DOCUMENTS for ex.) in an android mobile, to edite it scanning a barcode and searching the appropriate "cell".
My first step is to open the stored file. Right now, I always recive the message that the file was not found.
I've tried many ways to write the path, but the massage was always the same.

If the CSV file is newly created (saved) on a device running Android 11+ in one of the Shared folders (like /Documents), there should be no access problems. As soon as something is changed (manually) in the file afterwards, it is then a new file that was no longer created by the app itself. Therefore it can only be accessed with SAF on Android 11+.

You did not show your blocks. Have a look here I cannot save a file in any directory - #21 by patel

Try SAF.

Regardless it would be /Documents/TT.csv

How can I get SAF?

How can I get SAF?

Already posted once....

I sow it.
Do I have to download it?
From where?

Please read at least the first post of the linked topic...

We waste time with a developer (?) he doesn't read the recommended documentation and he doesn't show all the code he wrote

Well, I'm sory,
I'm new here, a beginner.
May be I'm running to fast, but I need this app.
May be I've missed some very important isues reading what was posted here,
may be I missanderstood other isues, but I can gוarantee that nobody waste time.
Anyway, thenk you all for trying to help me.

Try this:

SAF_readCSV.aia (62.4 KB)

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thenk you vere very much.