Downloading & Saving Pictures from Firebase to Phone


I want to make an Gallery App for multiple Users, so they can all see the same pics.
When pressing on "next" Button the next Photo should show.
That all works fine with the firebase_sotrage Expension.
For performance and data issus i would like to store the photos to the storage off the users phone, so they just have to download it once.

Is their an easy way to do this? I googled a lot but couldn't really find anything for that problem.

You can download the images, convert them to base64 and save them in a TinyDB.

You can use the web component to download images in Firebase Storage:

Also see here

Thanks a lot!
It works fine with folders/bucket in the Firebase storage.
You have an idea how to modify the URL when theirs no folder/bucket on Firebase storage tho?
Like the files just saved wihout any folder.

Nvm found it myself: no folder and no %2F. Thanks again for the super fast replys!

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