Download Multiple Files with subfolders


is there any actual solution which is working to download multiple files, also with subfolders to a device?

The structure with subfolders should be the same on the device.

Example with ebooks:

on the server:


and so on....

I found some solutions here and tryed them, but the downloaded files are all empty :frowning:

Download to which directory (in external storage)?
However, you should always download to the ASD now to avoid problems that will occur when AI2 targets Android 11.

Make sure your app has write permission.

Yes, to ASD

Later I can copy them to another directory

Make sure your app has write permission.

It has!

Downloading does work, but every file (pdf) has only 1,08 KB and eg adobe acrobat mentions that the file is corrupt

No, not anymore when AI2 targets Android 11 (Aug 2021).

Show your blocks.

And try this extension:

Yes, maybe it's the same issue that I got with the Web component and APKs:

But I'm pretty sure it will work with my extension.

Great, thank you very much Anke!

I will test it, but in your example it is only one file in one directory!

What about more files with some subdirectories?


It seems to be a problem with Google Drive !!!!

The first files (about 30) are downloaded completely with my solution, but after a certain number of files it does not work.
My app was working for months without problems.

It seems that Google does not allow now to download many files automatecly or something... :relieved:

This probably depends on how you are doing it!

What method are you using to download multiple files and directories from google drive?

Download them when the the .DownloadCompleted event is triggered.
How many files (PDFs) should be downloaded? Put the URLs in a list and select them one by one.

Something like this:

Its many....about 750 files...

Is there any easy way to rewrite my app, so i can use my own server instead Google drive?

Do you mean you have 750 URLs (PDFs)?
Anyway, my blocks should work, but you need a list of 750 URLs.

Yes I have..

Sorry, but now I am completely confused...

Would it be possible that you show me a complete example how to download multiple files with your extension, not with Google Drive but with my own Server :grimacing:

Unless you absolutely have to download all 750 files before a user can use the may want to consider an on first use model, where the pdf required is downloaded when requested, then stored in the ASD for future use (so it doesn't have to be downloaded again). Think about your users, possibly those on a (possibly slow) data only connection caught in your 750 file download loop.....

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I've alread shown it (this is all you need):

But as I said you need a list with 750 items (URLs). Maybe you have such a list in an Excel sheet and can get the list / items from it.

Btw, if the PDFs no longer need to be changed (later), the easiest way would of course be to zip all PFDs including paths, then download the zip file to the ASD and unzip there.