Download mp3 from Google Drive by using a direct Link

Hello Everyone,

I need to download Mp3 from Google Drive by using a Direct Link without opening this page

and click download button.

Also I need to know how to use ASD to save mp3 in download folder in App instead of the previous method which is in this relevant blocks

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In previous topics you have learnt how to download a file from Google Drive. Use what you have learnt to download an mp3 file to your ASD folder.

Get the file ID for the mp3 file on Google Drive and use the web component to download the file.


Let us clarify, because you keep showing a player...

Do you want to download the mp3 to the device/phone and then play it from there?
Or do you want to play the mp3 from the online resource (google drive) without downloading it?
You do not view the contents of an mp3, you listen to it
Why do you believe the user first needs to open the the file on the player page before downloading?
Why are you using activity starter to open the mp3 instead of the player component?


Yes. I only want to download the mp3 to the device/phone and then play it from there and I don't want the user first open the file on the player page before downloading.

Hello Tim,
I tried to replace using activity starter but it download just 1 kb.
Please see my blocks and .aia if you can adivce me how to replace it.

Herewith a simple demo project, more or less repeating what we did to download an image, but using a Player component.

mp3Download.aia (13.4 KB)




Hello Tim,

I tried the blocks and I put mp3 size 11 MB but Unfortunately it doesn't download.

Are your mp3 files set with the correct permissions for this method? They need to be anyone with the link can view

Yes, I am sure they are. Also I tested with using Activity strater component it works.

I get this if I try to download in my browser:

(Error 403 Forbidden)!!1

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Hello Tim,

Please have a look to my Google Drive. May be there is some another way but I don't know about it.

Check your folder for permission. For whatever reason that file is not accessible.

Hello Tim,

Also, I have tested this link in browser 1Qq36eYyNQ6Y03NejcWDjklcuU4EjiL2D but it shows this message :

Do you think when the .mp3 size is high must be scaned.

This is a different issue to the previous one (210405.mp3) - have you resolved this yet?

Files over 25mb on Google Drive generate a virus scan request. I will see if I can find a way, using blocks, to handle this without the need for generating an API key on the Google Cloud Platform (which is the correct way to handle this, but complicated).

No, I have not solved the problem yet. I hope you can help me to solve the problem. I am really appreciate all of your effort to help me.

Having tried a few things, three solutions for your large files:

  1. Get an API key for Google Drive API

  2. Set up a firebase project, and use firebase storage, you get 5GB of free storage, and no virus warnings on file downloads

  3. Use another alternative online location to store your large files, that do not have any virus scan download issues

With regard to your files that will not download (210405.mp3) - can you download them to your computer? If you can and they are still valid files (e.g. not corrupted) then I suggest re-uploading them to a new location, and try again. If not check the files you have on your computer, and re-upload those.


Hello Tim,

Let me try the first choice. I think it is best one.

Hello Tim,
I stuck in this selection:

Are these selections correct?

If you follow the guide I linked to, you will see that you need to select User data, then click the Done button

Hello Tim,
It is really a very complicated achievment as you said. I am trying to rebuild my app by using the example you have Accomplished and I will tell you when I finish it.