Display two csv files in VerticalScrollArrangement

Hello everyone,

I have already 1.csv file can be displayd in VerticalScrollArrangement
1 (1).csv (22.8 KB)
But I also need to display 2.csv file
2.csv (659 Bytes)

So, how can I add that file in ListPicker to be both files 1.csv and 2.csv there and I can select one of them to be displayed in VerticalScrollArrangement

readerDisplayDynamic.aia (150.2 KB)
Please help me

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It's not clear for me what you want

Hello Patel,
Thank you so much for your reply and helping me.

Actually I need to add a select button to select one of two files which are called "1.csv" and "2.csv" instead of Set Text button in this aia that has only "1.csv" readerDisplayDynamic.aia
So I need to put the both 1.csv file and 2.csv file in listpicker to select one of them and read them by switch between both of the two csv files
1.csv (22.8 KB)

2.csv (659 Bytes)

People want to help. But we can't 'see' your picture'. I don't quite understand either. (thinking on it)

:eyes: Forbidden Planet :eye: (monster from the ID 1956 movie)

We are Painters / Artists long before we are software designers! A "thing" starts out in our heads as an ID the medical term for idea, but more deeply it means a picture in the mind. Then we begin trying to paint our picture. ID = the part of the mind in which innate instinctive impulses and primary processes are manifest.

First thing that comes to my mind is a TableArrangement with 2 columns and one row with two ListView having one in each column. From that any selected item could be viewed on another screen or "layover" as a singular item.

I attempted to run your aia but it blows up on me Osama. It just blows off the screen :frowning:

What I am saying is: Is there another way you can describe your picture?

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Ok. Can you try this please:
readerDisplayDynamic.aia (160.2 KB)

Try this project with Listview
readerDisplayDynamic_1.aia (150.4 KB)

Hello Patel,
Thank you so much for your help. I have tried that project. When I select an item from listview and then select the other one it does not delete the previous page, so it displays both of two pages. So, please help me to delete the previous page and display only selected page.

I'm not able to do it, you need TIMAI2 help

Kindly, tell me how can I reach to TIMAI2 help?

If I remember well this project was made by TIM, you have to wait his participation or send PM

Yes, this project was made by Tim, but he dislikes to continue helping me all time because he always did all works for me and he wants me to learn and do it by myself. So please try to help me at this time if you don't mind.Thank you so much patel

I would help you, but I am beginner, this project is out of my knowledge

Hello TIMAI2,

I have a project was made by you and then patel has added a listview to select one of two files but the problem is when I select an item from listview and then select another one it does not delete the previous page but it adds the selected one after the previous one. So, please help me if you can to delete the previous page and displays only selected page because patel has tried to do it but he could not do that and he said that TIMAI2 is only the one who can do it.

From the previous topic:

I said:

Please remember I am only working up solutions for specific issues, it is your app. You should be taking these examples and then write them (not just copy/paste) into your app, so that you understand the order of things and how everything works.

You said:

I will learn all your examples and I will take your works and projects on my shoulder.

I said:

Please find attached a working demo for the display you asked for as above. This is not a fully working example - there is no audio, it is just to demonstrate the methods used in this approach.

I will not be developing this project further.....


No problem Tim. It's up to you. Thank you so much Tim and best wishes. I am talking in truth and I promise you, if you need any help from me in any time and I am able to help you, you will find me helping you. Believe me I respect you as my teacher who taught me every things.

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I think you need eliminate VerticalScrollArrangement1 and create it with dclite, try this project
readerDisplayDynamic_2.aia (151.0 KB)

Hello patel,

Yes, now it works very well.
Thank you so much for helping me.

Now, I understood very well.
It's really a very complicated way.
I appreciate your for help
Best wishes patel