Disable app quitting

Hi, I'm back on this great forum !

My problem today :

I make a screen with a button to go back to the main screen, perfect.
But, users can directly leave the app with buttons down the app (you know the navigation bar).
I want to block it (the navigatation bar) just for one screen.

Any idea to try ?


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I don't know it's possible or not,but I think it a bad idea. what about a phone call is coming and user can not quit your app?

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Maybe this discussion/thread can help you,

I know but it's for a magic trick and I have to disable it for the spectator

You might use an empty Block like this to disable the ability to directly close the app using the device's back button navigate button.

backpressed . It disables only the back pressed for all screens but possibly you can still use it in you intended Project. You can use other methods to close your app. It does not disable all the navigation soft keys on the phone/tablet.

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Yes this works for the back button but I want to block the left one, the one who let's you control your open app I don't know its name

On a Samsung Android 12 users can 'hide' the Navigation bar by using gestures

Settings>Display>Navigation bar then select Swipe gesturers instead of the default Buttons

Recents or Overview To close the app one has to slide/swipe the app off the screen or use the Close all button. It requires two steps to close the app.

Try this:
avoidLeavingApp.aia (6.9 KB)

See also here in the old forum:

Is anyone made these extension for disabling home and recent button i don't know programming language java which is required for extensions but any-one is here who made these miracle please give extension free or paid anyway i want that type extension


Becouse I am making an app for childrens and i want the children cant leave the app. my app is on education idea and thats why i want these parental control ( Just like kid space)

The easiest solution is to set your app app as home launcher temporarily. All buttons will be useless then. :joy:

You can hide Status Bar with any of related extensions available.

This extension does not work on Android 12+. The APK cannot be installed there. In addition, only system apps are listed. To get it working you need to modify the Manifest.

I added your extension in project but I am unable to understand how I work with it.
If you can provide any example as my requirements so it will be helpful for me.
And also please update your extension as anke mam suggestion.
Thank you for your helping nature


@Anke @gopal_gopal

com.sunny.launcher.aix (3.3 KB)

This extension makes Screen1 as home launcher.

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But its giving error while compiling apk & abb.

Sorry @vknow360 I have tell you first I am also a niotron user and my kid app is in niotron I searched to many times in niotron community but there is no extension on these topic. So I comes here and I found, here are present some post .

When i build apk in app inventor it's works but in niotron its giving error could you help me,here is the error from niotron i check for example.

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No, not for me.

Tell me mam what wrong I did.

Don't use 2 instances of extension, maybe that's the issue.