[FREE/BETA] System Launcher Extension


This extension allows you to add your app in launcher category and then can be made the default home screen of the android device.

You can design your screen that how you like to show it in home screen.

I have also added some basics blocks to get apps list, open apps, show uninstall app dialog and to check if the app is a system app or not.

I have also prepared a demo aia using colintree listview extension to show it's basic use.

Thanks a lot to @Chaimka for sponsoring this extension :blush: !



AIA - LauncherApp.aia (101.7 KB)
AIX - com.atomdeveloper.Launcher.aix (13.7 KB)

The extension would work for Screen1 or if you haven't set any custom package name in app, but if you have set custom package name for your app or you need it for any other screen, you need to use this page to generate extension for it.


As the extension is free to use you can donate any amount if you liked this extension


Woow, u rocked again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Super expand😉


I think I found an error. This extension when running in an application this application may override the device's home screen (ie the device's default program).

It's no error. This extension does just that.


Ok, sorry...

This is an amazing extension to create my own launcher. Congratulations :tada:

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Hello all,
I can't quite figure it out.

I want to make a launcher that opens an app.
(Which I also created with Inventor).

Can anyone give me a quick screenshot of the blocks?


What about trying the example project (aia file) from the first post in this thread?

That's the problem, I don't get it!

The launcher is not supposed to do anything other than launch an app.

I've tested your example aia -
when compiled in App Inventor it produces apk with target 31 android 12 as default.

When I try to install on my phone (Samsung A42 running Android 12) it has this error: Bad or Split apk

If I change the target sdk to 30 android 11 (using APK Editor Studio), then it can install normally.

I would like to use your example to create my own launcher (compiling under default target 31 android 12). How do I do that?


Could you please set the language of your device temporarily to English and then provide a screenshot of that error message?

Here's the snapshot of the error

It looks like a SDK31 issue. . The author @Atom_Developer of the extension might want to check...


Yes, the extension does not work on Android 12+. The APK cannot be installed there. In addition, only system apps are listed. To get it working you need to modify the Manifest.

OK, thanks Anke.
Yes, It only works when the manifest set to Android 11.

No, I installed the APK on one of my Android 13 test devices and it works fine.

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Try this one on your Android 12+ devices


That's interesting. OK I will try that later, thanks.

Hi Anke,
The installation works just fine on Android 13 using your sample apk (with sdk at 31)
However, scrolling is very laggy on my phone (Android 13 Samsung Flip 5)
May I know which Listview you are using?