Hide/Show the system UI

I want to give the option to show / hide the system UI.

I can do it with a button and with TaifunTools (Show(/Hide)SystemUI).

Many phones have a phisical home-button, so have no systemUI.

Thats why my button has no function, so in this case I want to hide it.
Can I find out somehow if a phone has a physical 'Home' button, (and screen independent 'Back' and 'Running apps' buttons)?

Maybe one of the available methods will work for you:
com.sunny.SystemUI.aix (6.3 KB)

My tests show this:


Also make sure the device is Android 4 and above.

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Fine, thanks.


Already set the min sdk to 19.

Welcome :smiley:


I did not know that :sweat_smile:

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But it also works on Android 4.3 (API 18, Jelly Bean) with Companion.

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Excuse me, where can I set the min sdk?

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The minSdkVersion = 19 is declared in the Manifest by the extension.
But you can set (change) it this way (minSdkVersion = 18 works, Galaxy S3):

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Thank you.
I thought that it is better to set a min sdk else it can cause problems later.

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Anyone else using these vintage phones?

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I develop and build apps in AI2, I've never used neither Android Studio nor APK editor.
Should I use one?

I still have a few older ones for testing purposes, so I still use these ...

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I prefer small phones with one physical button (and fingerprint scanner) under the screen, not on the back. I'm old fashioned, I know.

I've found the Apk Editor and I've tried it.
I can do the task.
Thanks for all.


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