Decoration Extension

Decoration Block

bg Color (color)
radius (string) "topleft, topright, bottomright, bottomleft"
stroke (int)
strokeColor (color)
elevation (int)


  • When component clicked
    component : AndroidViewComponent


  • When component Long Clicked
    component : AndroidViewComponent


Set component clickable
component : AndroidViewComponent
to : boolean

I found a similar extension, but I felt the need to do this because it does not have options such as Stroke and elevation.

com.ruwis.decoration.aix (10.4 KB)
deco.aia (13.4 KB)


I made additions. Is it okay now

You missed a lot of the points in the topic i gave you. Please read the topic again and provide the information.

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I didn't need to use color because store is 0
i add a new one

because "stroke" is 0.

But this is not the question. You should explain it (strokeColor) and it should be a color (not just a single digit).

i edited the photo

strokeColorred (or: -65536), for example

The image should have looked like this:



ok finished.

is it okey?

  1. When I import the extension I get this error:
  2. If I then enable clickable in the Designer Properties, the error disappears.
  3. It's not possibe to disable clickable via blocks.

    deco.aia (13.6 KB)

okey fixed
deco.aia (13.4 KB)
thank you


But it would have been nice if you had used your own example instead of posting (the blocks from) my test aia (deco.aia) here.

And next time, test these things out before you publish an extension.
Why should we do your job.


I'm really a novice. Sorry. I wanted to share it because your creation is much more detailed. Should I delete it? I do not speak English, I write with Google Translate. what to do now.

I made this extension for myself. I wanted to share it in case it might be useful to someone, but it's really tedious. If it is not appropriate, you can delete this thread. I don't want to share it again.

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It's okay, leave it as it is (just for next time ...).

This extension is excellent. I don't have to use cardview anymore. Is there a new version of this extension? If so, can you send it privately?

Why should you be the only one that benefits from a new version (if there is one) ?