Cross Reference App Items?

Is there any way to access the contents of the built-in blocks in an app? I have an app with two screens, 67 variables, 49 when blocks, and 47 procedures, and it would be very helpful to have a cross reference to be able to see which blocks and procedures use a particular variable, and which blocks and procedures call a particular procedure, notifier, or TinyDB.

I had manually created a spreadsheet which contains this information, but when I go back and make enhancements to the app, I concentrate on developing the changes and don't keep track of the changes in the cross reference :roll_eyes:

Thanks, Brad

The @KevinKun browser extension for the Blocks Editor has a light weight text based FIND feature, as well as mass block .png export facilities.

Also, I find it useful to develop a Doc (with Table of Contents embedding procedure and Event .pngs along with explanations, and HTML links to called subprocedures within the narratives.

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That sounds like a lot Brad :upside_down_face:

You can do this:


A bunch of list pickers and notifiers add up, Chris. :laughing: It's a groceries app that provides a shopping list, tracking aisle locations of items in multiple stores, sorting the list by aisle, and also keeps an inventory of items at home.

It is very rare to use a 'when' Block, because of the way App Inventor works (paradigm).

Also, do you really need a ton of Notifiers? You should be able to recycle. The same is true for the List Picker - you can only display one List Picker at a time, so you only need one.

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