Critical - aiStarter crashes OS and delete's some of it's files

I'm currently using the latest version of aiStarter and it works fine but at some point it keeps crashing and disconnects itself or does not listen to connection requests.
And even if it did successfully connect, the emulator screen doesn't show up and I don't see any other emulator process running anywhere.
So I literally use Android Studio's emulator because somehow aiStarter finds it and connects to it.

The worst part of this is that when I update my app's layout, the Companion is supposed to update the screen automaticly by itself. But on mine, when I update it, aiStarter starts blowing up.(Literally it starts to fill the console screen with errors)

More Detail Here

And when I keep it open, after about 5 to 9 minutes average it makes a bluescreen(or a blackscreen because I'm using Windows 11).
The stop code is 0x80004005 and 'WHEA_UNKNOWN_ERROR'.

The error it coughes up is:
Error 0x80072EE7: Cannot resolve specified server address or name ''

And when I restart my computer, it works fine and passes all the system and hardware-software checks.(Score: 100 of 100)
Except I have to delete all the files related to aiStarter. And install it again.
(Because it deletes some of it's files like the launcher file)

Diagnosis with Windows Event Viewer looks like this:


Log Name: aiStarter Error
Source: aiStarter
Date: 2024-03-28 10:15:23
Event ID: 1001
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: (Can't reveal)
Computer: DESKTOP-(Can't reveal)
Failed to communicate with the server at URL:
Error Code: 0x80072EE7
Error Message: The server name or address could not be resolved

Try with another emulator instead (aiStarter is quite old now, in terms of Android version and security) and report us back with more info...

Maybe no. Because the online editor cannot communicate with the emulator unless aiStarter is running.
And I updated my topic right now.
Check the Log and More Detail sections.

Well, if you get another emulator (not aistarter), install the Companion app there and instead of connecting to the emulator Click Connect > Companion from the editor and paste the code in the emulator and connect, that is what i do.

If my advice fails, wait for someone else.

The problem is when I install the Companion in another emulator, the Companion detects that it is currently running in an emulator. So I cannot enter the six-digit code

screenshot please?

I don't have it now. I deleted aiStarter like 2 hours ago.
Maybe I can recreate it now?

So try it on another emulator and not MIT's aiStarter please. Use something like Memu Play or NoxPlayer and install the companion there and enter the code there.

And do not recreate it now (the aistarter screenshots)

I've tried those including LDPlayer like a month ago. And the Companion still detects it is running in an emulator.

Yeah I think @ewpatton needs to talk here about this...:grin:
Because he knows a lot about this and is from MIT.

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