Convert numbers or text to photos without background

Hi, I wanted to add a possibility to my program that the user enters a text or a number like 123 and prints and shares a photo of 123 without a background in the output. Please help.

What have you tried? Why not try first try and then see what works and what not.

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Honestly, everything I thought did not happen

Show what you have tried.

Honestly, because they were not useful, I deleted them :woozy_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

And what were you thinking of using?

Convert text or numbers to photos without a background with the user's text in the middle

And what components and/or extensions did you want to use.


Honestly, I used the camera and ... but he did not say anything

For example, if the user enters 123, he will receive this photo
123 بدون بک گراند

I want to build like this site

Start by using a canvas component and look at all the blocks it has. First start with putting text on the canvas.


Place a label inside of a horizontal arrangement, then use this extension.


That is also a good option when you want to use an extension.


Excuse me, what is this block, the first block?


Try this AIA sample project:

TextToImage.aia (7.7 KB)


Thank you very much

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Sorry, when I share the image, the file is not saved as an image and I do not know where it is stored.

Did you try the test AIA I sent?