Checkbox to textbox to web

Hello all I am new to programming, and I am having problems tracking down a tut on how to take text from a checkbox to a text box, so that text box can be searched on the web without having to type in the search term other then 1 keyword like a brand name.

I have made up a quick mock of the program i’m trying to build but do not know how to upload the apk to the forums.
The app is for my father, as he can only use a android tablet so I would like to make it easier for him to search the web like

Also please if you have a better way to make this work i’m willing to remake the project design, just having problems with the block setup as i’m not a coder just learning.

Image below is of the mock up program layout…

Where are you getting the search terms from (socks/shoes) and how will these be changed in your app. I believe this is the most important thing. What about using speech recogniser ?

Sorry, after you said that I looked at the design and changed it, as it was confusing to other people. I have done up a image, hope this makes it easier to understand.
Edit: my father will not talk to a computer so I have to make this easy for him to use.

Here are a couple of multi-select samples for you ...

Since you are new to lists, see


Hi thank you for taking the time to reply with such a great amount of information. Them tuts will help me out a lot. :relaxed:

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