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I have another problem. I have two checkboxes how do I do when selecting one not to select the other?
and also how to get the value of the checked box when it is checked?

Try something like this:

If one of the Checkboxes always has to be checked, enable the disabled blocks in the else statement.

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Which value? (true / false?)

yes ok,
but if I want to put the value of a label that refers to the value of the checkbox, what should I do?

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... and again: which value of the checkbox?
Post your (relevant) blocks.

the value of a checkbox is true or false
the Checkbox.Checked property is what you are looking for

you might want to elaborate... what is the value of a label? or are you talking about a textbox?


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I did thanks
I wanted to know if in a label I do not insert the value x that I forget it is possible not to let out the error message and instead launch a message like "insert data". thank you

it does not make much sense to use a label as checkbox replacement, does it?
why not just using a checkbox to avoid your issues?

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blocks(2) blocks(1) blocks

dove sbaglio?
perche quando seleziono una checkbock si canellano le scritte alle altre 2?

Explain in more detail.

... and what should happen? What is the expected result?

See also here: How to ask a question (open new topic)

After it is calculated, if I go to press on the checkbooks, the text goes away. Why?

See from the second 24

Yes, I see it, but this has nothing to do with your blocks that you posted.
Post a test aia to be able to check that.

Video, Min 0:26 →


calcola_pizza_pane.aia (252.6 KB)

Try this one:
calcola_pizza_pane2.aia (253.1 KB)

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si funziona, ma cosa hai modificato che non riesco a capire?