Can I fob off this renamed AI1 zip file as an AI2 .aia file?

Funny4Kids22.aia (478.5 KB)

This is a source of an app I was created on AppInventor at 2013.. and I took this copy of its source (.aia file).

1st of all, I cant find this app on my account on AppInventor server!
2nd, when I upload .aia file to AppInventor, it opens normally but I did find any blocks!

Also I tried to open it on this link: but also I did not find blocks!

Next file is an .APK file of this app, I just change its extension from apk to aia to be able to load it here, so if you like to have a look on it please just rename it from .aia to .apk.

apk removed by Moderators. Posting an apk (renamed to aia or whatever is not permitted in this community. Sorry)

Could any one help me to restore the blocks of this app?!
Thank you.

I opened your .aia file with the Unchive tool from

and saw

That tool also did not see any blocks in your .aia file.

Next I will try 7zip for a necropsy.

I re-wrote the necessary code

This is essentially the original app probably. Try it out.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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7zip found something interesting in your .aia file:
Here is a normal .aia file:

This was your .aia file:

I'm not sure what @SteveJG rewrote.
A rename inside 7zip might fix this.

@ABG the missing Blocks for the app. :slight_smile: It appears the aia posted is only a template.

Or an AI Classic project...

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@Essamy Try Funny4Kids22Remix.aia (481.1 KB)

I'm fumfering with 7zip trying to rename a .blk file to a .bky file and re-zipping.

Maybe I should first ask:

Are you sure this is an AI2 .aia export, and not from a descendant like Thunkable?

Yes, sure! I never using any descendants! thank you!

How about the code server?
It currently has the unfortunate property of dropping blocks from imports from the ai2 server, because of the new ai2 server block formats and the time lag between upgrades of the ai2 and code servers.

Did you recently try to juggle servers for access to the bigger media capacity of the code server?

I recommend searching this board for '7zip' in hopes of finding a more proficient 7zip surgeon and detailed instructions. My little stubby blue wings are not up to this.

Another thing to check ...

Did you change email accounts?

It is working but not as original app function, please read the text fot Button2:
((Swipe the screen right or left to change the picture, touch it to hear its sound or touch the blue button to hear the name of this picture and have a Funn.)).
Thank you

No, and I tried all my emails but did not find it at all.

Okay, Thank you.

So add a TextToSpeech control and this Block :cry: funforkids2

Thank you, I will try it tomorrow.

I know where that .blk file came from.
It was used in App Inventor 1, which no longer is supported.
Changing the name of an AI1 .zip file to .aia does not make it an AI2 source file.
@TimAI2 got it right.

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The link please?

The new link please?