Bug with dictionaries - Emulator and AI Companion discrepancies

QuizProjectShareFile.aia (36.5 KB)

I have recently been working on a project which includes a quiz. The quiz uses a database search to fill a dictionary. The key is set to follow a pattern based on the current iteration in respect to the current row of data.

Having completed a large part of it I have no experienced a bug, my original expectation was that the dictionary was not being created/merged correctly however with general testing the dictionary is being filled and with the correct keys. However when I go to test it using the AI companion app the not found error is thrown for every dictionary entry which is searched. However, when I attempt the same task using the AI emulator the program works and the correct data is gathered and displayed.

Examples of the program running - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_JrqopzLXYa7U080Lrzyfh9jDkdsgCAE

The screen of interest is titled "CustomQuiz"



The Companion does not work well with multiple screens and screen transitions.
I notice you don't use TinyDB in the Screen you mentioned. TinyDB is ideal for transferring data across Screens, regardless of environment.

For the benefit of the other users of this board, here are your relevant blocks, expanded and cleaned up ..

CustomQuiz Components

The get start value block is problematic in this environment.

Also, opening Screen1 from another Screen leads to memory depletion eventually, unless special precautions are taken.