Bug report for iOS version

This is a bug report I recently sent in the report form, I am uploading this post so that there will be no duplicate reports on these cases.

The project I attached has a number of issues (all issues are in the project I attached):

  1. Arrangement problem:

The Canvas component is displayed above the following components: Button1 and Label1

  • When changing the orientation of the screen or raising and lowering the keyboard the arrangement is corrected.

  • I noticed that if I set the width of the lower list component to some value then the problem does not happen, but instead all the ball components inside the canvas component are set in pretty much the same position.

  • If the width of the component list is set to fill, then there is a problem with the arrangement of the canvas component and the top button.

  1. Activating Scrollable on the screen does not really affect:

I turned on Scrollable on the screen, but the screen does not respond to scrolling.

  1. Components: TimePicker, DatePicker, and ImagePicker do not respond when compressed:
  • This may be related to the fact that there are a lot of components on the screen and it causes the component to fail to display the alert correctly. You can see that the same problem happens on screens 2,3 and 4 when the component is pushed down

  • Additionally, if you click on the component or run the block: LaunchPicker for example
    nothing happens, The block (LaunchPicker) returns this error:

  • After refreshing the companion, we will get the response (i.e. selection alert) but it does not point to the button

And the resulting selection is not linked to the component.

  1. When switching from screen to screen the companion sends the following error: Error from Companion: error: RuntimeError. (irritants: "Cannot find the component: Screen1", "Problem with application")

  2. On screen 5, I keep getting the following toast message on my iPad even if the component was only found on the screen:

  • The Texting component displays the message, but it also works properly and fully on the iPad.

  • When using a block: SendMessageDirect

I get the following error in the editor but it works properly (however it is an iPad): SendMessageDirect is not supported. Use SendMessage instead.

  1. Arrangement problem when typing into the keyboard component:

When the keyboard of the device goes up, the components are not compressed well.

  1. There are many problems in the arrangement:

I think I have reported this before, but I will note again that the height of the components fills up when they are alone on the screen even when the height of the component is set to auto, components like list take up any length or height of the screen even when their height and width are set to auto.

text.aia (5.3 KB)

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Hi @Point,

I'm working through these issues, but could use some more information from you. First, which model of iPad and which version of iOS are you using?

I'm using a 7th gen iPad running iOS 14.3 and the Canvas shows up in the right place relative to the other components. I've tried this both in horizontal and vertical and cannot reproduce it.

There appears to not be enough stuff on the screen to get it to scroll, but if I make some components larger to the point where clearly there should be overflow it doesn't scroll.

Interesting that this occurs. I think what's happening is the popup is appearing below the bounds of the screen so you can't see it, and then when you open it a second time it fails since it's already opened. I think these are two separate issues that both need to be addressed.

Yes, if you switch the screen via dropdown this will happen because the new screen is present but the component tries to dispatch to the old screen. If you properly open a screen using the block rather than through the design it should work since the old screen will be on the back stack, but clearly when switching in the designer we should cancel any open popups.

We should probably just remove this. Prior to Google forcing our hand regarding the phone call/texting blocks we had put this in since the old behavior was always to send the exact message / start the call in the background without user interaction. However, the Google version is now more in line with what iOS allows.

I've filed a bunch of issues related to the items you've reported here.

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Thanks for the response

The bug report is based on iPad 9.7- 5th I checked it now also on Mac and got the same result.

After further examination, I realized that the switching between screens problem probably affects this problem, here:
(You can see that resizing the screen fixes the problem)
ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

I also wanted to report 2 more small bugs in the Mac:

  1. In the barcode scanner component the camera is not displayed if using an external camera - in the case of a MacBook when there is an internal camera the problem does not happen (black screen is displayed, this also happens on the iPad when the companion is displayed in a split view).

  2. Camera component: The camera component works properly, but when taking the picture the camera is displayed upside down, for some reason if we record video (in component: Camcorder) everything is displayed properly, then when taking a picture again (in camera component) we also get a normal view.

Thanks, I hadn't heard any reports of the camera orientation being a problem until now. We'll look and see what might be happening there. As for the barcode scanner in split screen mode, I believe this is a privacy thing in iOS that whichever app is the "primary" gets the camera and any secondary apps do not get control over it.

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@Point Regarding Camera component, do you have a project to show the issue?

I saw that now (in iPadOS 15) the camera will remain open even if the application is on a split screen

Hmm. Very interesting, and somewhat surprising. One one hand, it make sense that if you're split screen both apps would have access to the camera, but on the other hand if one is "primary" it seems a potential risk to let both apps have equal control over the hardware.

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