Centering items within App

Hi all,

I apologize as I am very new to App Inventor, but am experiencing an issue with centering items on my app inventor. I go through and add a layout, change the layout to center, and then add items to the layout, but it will not center still. I am sure it is likely something simple I am doing wrong, but would greatly value any insight.

Thanks in advance,


Is this in the designer screen or when using the companion on a device, or when using the emulator?

The designer screen does not always reflect what the app will look like.

Hi there! This is when using the designer screen, but when i use my ipad as a companion device, it still shows up un-centered.

Are you using the iOS companion ?

Hi there. I am using the IOS companion on my ipad.

This could be an iOS bug

Could you post a simple aia where you experience this. Is it with all layouts?

I have previously reported some issues in Arrangement and they have not yet been fixed. Can you check if I mentioned your case as well?