Book keeping application

So I am making a book keeping app like there's a list and when you click what on the list you get info on that. My original plan is to take advantage vertical arrangements visibility but half way through I realized it was taking too long, too many vertical arrangements and backpresses are in shambles due to many sub topics of one entry. Is there any way to do it in a much simpler compact way? Thank you

Show your relevant blocks, screenshots of app, data you are using (size of dataset?)

Start with getting the books onto spreadsheets, then study the AI2 spreadsheet component and Google Sheets.

Here are my blocks. They are unfinished due to me realizing the length this would take. Also the back presses are in shambles. Sorry if they are bad I was tasked with this without having any knowledge. For reference the closest app similar to what I am making is "Terrabook" which is a terraria guide book

So your book keeping has nothing to do with accounting, but is a database of books?

Is this a lending library?

If your blocks and components change every time you get a new book, you are doing it wrong.

No the contents are fixed and what i mean by "closest" is the structure like there are list item then when you click it there is a detailed info with images and such. It's only the structure that I want to know like if there's a better way of doing it other than spamming vertical arrangements

This is definitely a table driven app, and you must never spam the Designer with data items.

You can use Google Sheets as a tool to build your app's data base, then download it as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file into your app's Media (assets) folder for startup loading.

Your app's code should know the shape of the table (its column assignments), but not its detailed row by row contents.

You might need separate sheets for separate item types, like weapons vs potions vs pets, because they would have different behavior types in different columns.

Here's a YAML tutorial, for a lazy way to present tables.
You would need to use Media Files instead of Sheets, if you want to run offline and save on hosting.

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