Bluetooth on iOS?

Is is possible to use Bluetooth on iOS (iphone) with AppInventor?

It seems iOS works currently only using the "AI Companion" together with the "App Inventor" app, is that right?

In this case, is the code able to use the phones own Bluetooth functionality?

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We're working on porting the BluetoothLE extension as a component on iOS. Because of the constraints that Apple puts on apps, we cannot use the extensions approach like we do on Android.

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Does the MIT team have any status updates? Just wondering, we use the BLE functionality in some of our educational programs and would like to have the capability to use both IOS and Android. Thanks...

I have the same question about updates on using iOS devices for Bluetooth. I run CSE workshops and camps and some students had iPhones in the camp where we were trying to do one way communication with Arduino and a mobile app.

Work is still ongoing.
You can follow the progress here:

Observe the progress bars for the bluetooth component.
When it's ready, you can use Bluetooth.

Which particular model of Arduino are you using? One challenge here is that Apple has restricted access somewhat to what I would call "classic" Bluetooth due to energy consumption concerns. They do allow use of Bluetooth low energy without issue, which we do plan to implement full support for. Knowing what kind of Arduino you use and which Bluetooth version it uses might help us better understand whether what you want to do is feasible.

I'm using the HC-06 BLE for the Arduino Uno.

Hi, I am using the ESP32 board and I am trying to use bluetooth to connect to it. I have an iPhone and I have followed some tutorials on creating a bluetooth connector using MIT App inventor, however the list appears empty when I try to show a list of available connected devices. Is there a fix/work around for this? Thanks!

any update on this? I'd love to use this to connect with my ESP32 board but it looks like it's been over 2 years now without any recent update.