BLE APP not works on IPAD

Did someone managed to run BLE MIT APP on an IoS
device? I get Runtime Error
Error from Companion: error: undefined variable. (irritants: yail/

I use the extention

The app works good on Android, but I need also a solution for IOS.

Thx for any advice to make it work on IoS

Regret to inform you that at the present, an ios solution is impossible. The BLE is an extension .
ios apps are unable to use extensions. :cry:

That is not good news .. because I use also MQTT and TCP extentions..
And the build in BT Classic? Can IoS work with BT classic?

I do not know. Since the the BluetoothClient is a control (not an extension), it might work. Try it and let us know if it works in your app :slight_smile:

Sorry you will not be able to build ios apps with the MQTT and TCP extensions.

See Bluetooth on iOS? - #2 by ewpatton

I tried an MIT app with BT Classic just now on the Ipad but it does not work also.
Can the MIT INV team not add BLE ,TCP, andMQTT as standaard components to APP INV?
MIT APP INV is great for students and teachers but all communication with IOS devices seems impossible. We can not force all students to use Android :slight_smile:

It is possible, but a lot of work, so it's not going to happen overnight. In the case of IOS, everything is difficult, Apple have their own way of doing things and are different to Google - who also have their own way of doing things.

BluetoothClient is still in the process of being implemented on iOS.


I know IOS is a pain in the...

But MIT APP INV is so important for students that it needs to get solved ... why not do crownfunding to get a budget to hire extra people?

Not only BLE but also MQTT, TCP socket are needed in education today.

Money is not the answer - the team has been expanded. MIT cannot just add functionality to App Inventor and make it available as they can for Android - It has to go through Apple first and there is a lot of competition for Apple's time.

With regards to MQTT, that is nothing special, there are many similar database platforms - for education, App Inventor's own TinyWebDb is available for IOS Apps.

Ah - I see why you need TCP/IP:

Why is MQTT an important part of IoT?

Why is MQTT an important part of IoT? | Edge Network | Cloud.

.... other similar platforms make similar claims of course. Essentially, they are databases in the Cloud. The Web component is available for iOS so you should be able to communicate with any Cloud-based platform, including MQTT.