Message "Error irritants: yail/" on iOS

Hello, I have a project which uses BLE to communicate with Arduino. The project works fine on Android but on iPhone it fails with the following error:
"Error from Companion: error: undefined variable. (irritants: yail/"
I have found some posts regarding extension not being supported yet for iOS but not sure if this is still true. Please advise if App Inventor App with BLE is supported on iOS.

iPhone 11, Software Version 15.1

That is currently the state for iOS, cannot use extensions. For BLE, I think it should be built-in, just as 'Classic' Bluetooth is, but there is a lot of work pending and the MIT team is small.

Thanks @ChrisWard . Having the common solution for fast prototyping for both Android and iOS is convenient. I understand the problem with resourcing but is there a timeline you guys are shooting for to enable this feature?

Hi there,

Android and iOS are operating in different platforms, and extensions were made for Android, so if you are on iOS, there are definitely crashes. However, as @ewpatton mentioned in eralier posts,

You have to wait until the new feature comes out.

MIT are working on it but obviously it's not a simple task - there is no timeline to offer you.

It's a shame that Apple does not appreciate the benefits of third party extensions - all they see is a potential security risk. If Apple were in charge of everything, Man would never have landed on the moon :grin: