Blocks replaced

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How do you version your app changes?

  • Checkpoints?
  • Project->Save As Projectnnn ?
  • Blocks Editor Blocks mass saves via browser extension?

Where do I find( save Block Editor Block mass saves via browser extension)What are you referring to by checkpoints I don't understand.

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The missing block has always been in the same position since 2021, I certainly may have deleted it without realizing it, as for other parts of the code, but as I wrote, is it possible that now I make the same mistake repeatedly and for such a long time?
Of course this could also be possible.
I'll try to be even more careful, BO!

But if that were the case, by repeatedly feeling and testing the entire project I would have noticed it.

The only operation I remember doing yesterday that I had never done was, (remove unused block), but this is not an unused block.
It is possible that this operation, which I imagined would clean the code from every piece of code not connected to anything and unused, which I leave aside before definitively deleting it, instead only affects selected blocks and that perhaps the block for some reason was selected when I carried out this operation, this is the only explanation, at least for this block that I can give.

I performed the same operation on a block, selecting it, and repeating the click on (remove unused block), but it was not deleted so this explanation is also baseless.

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They are not identical

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It's true, the d is lowercase, so everything I wrote has little value anymore, even the missing block.
I am so embittered by all these combinations that it makes me hypersensitive to every nuance.
Happens. But I give up, once the discussion is over I'll manage by being more careful.

You must have two buttons with names identical except for one capitalization.

Sorry, thank you for your patience and kindness.