Barcode reader with app inventor

Hi friends, I want to make an app where we can see the product features by scanning the barcodes of the products of our own products, can you guide me?
When the barcode is read, I want to see the product name, stock code and price

OK, what have you tried ? Show your blocks...

I have made an app just like this using TinyDB.
If you want to use CloudDB, you can switch out the blocks.
Barcode_Scan_And_Price.aia (537.1 KB)

Thank you busybird15, i have about 4000 different product and i have to use google sheet. after scan barcod i want to see information ;

Barkod :
Stok Kodu :
Ürün Adı :
Fiyat :

Use gviz to get and query google sheet data

Use gviz to get or query PRIVATE google sheet data

Also see