Backend app (...but no Firebase...)

Hello everyone.

This is my first message and from what I saw there is nothing similar (... or I couldn't find it) to what I am going to ask.

First, I want to put into context: I'm well aware that App Inventor is primarily designed for building mobile apps with a focus on client-side development, which means that apps built in MIT App Inventor are typically client apps that run on mobile devices and do not have built-in server logic.

That said, I also know that App Inventor can connect to FireBase to have a backend as a service (BaaS) from which to increase the capabilities of the app.

My question is if it is possible (and how) to connect not only services like FireBase (which obviously is possible), but also like PocketBase ( to do the same as with Firebase: handle backend functions like real-time databases and authentication taking advantage of the fact that it is open source software.

Thank you all very much for your time and (hopefully) your response.

PS: I am very sorry to be so many years late to this world of apps, but at the same time I am happy to have discovered it.

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If you are comfortable with pocketbase you should be able to setup a REST API so that you can send commands/data using the web component.

However, after a quick play, I find the documentation sparse on this subject, makes a lot of assumptions.

The only area that may be an issue is the uploading of files, which on first look at the documentation requires multipart uploads, which is not yet supported in the web component. It can be done with an extension and the webviewer though....

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What a good welcome they give me when I receive such kind responses that allow me to clarify some things. I am happy to receive your responses and appreciate that you took the time to respond to me. With what they answered me, I have enough to know where to look... thank you very much