Application crashes (using 35 Screens)

I'm having some problems with the app. After I download it to my phone and try to press buttons, most of the time it crashes and takes me out of the app, and on other phones it either works super well, or when I press a certain button it opens a different page than the one it's supposed to open. What could be the problem?

Link: App Inventor app - Google Drive

To find out more, use logcat


reduce the number of screens...36 screens ...

I need these screens, without screens the app is meaningless

Hi @Alexandra_Negrianu

Most of you screens are much the same. An Image, some text and buttons. Your blocks are also very much the same.

You should start rethinking your app design. @TIMAI2 and @ABG showed you some information. Start from that.

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Based on what Peter said, you can use only 1 real and 1 virtual screen and use some logic conditions to change your values in the screen. :wink:

This app is also a form of tourist guide, but uses a table structure to guide the tour.

It needs only one Screen, a List Picker, and a File.