App to track habits

I have been working on a new approach to change specific health behaviour.

This novel approach is based on tracking episodes of a particular behaviour pattern in order to count its frequency over time, and test how sustained changes in such frequency cause change in health outcomes such as body weight.

I want to develop a mobile app for tracking the episodes of a set of behaviour patterns (habits) alongside with body weight but I am not familiar with computer sciences.

I saw the MIT app inventor website and I wonder if there is someone in MIT that would be interested in collaborating with me to develop this app that I believe can improve wellbeing of people in our locality.



Though I don't have the time or inclination to code this for you, here is a suggestion to get you started.

Start a Google Sheet with the data you want to track, like

  • start datetime, in Google Sheet numeric datetime format
  • bad behavior text, like "Log onto Ai2 Help Board"
  • end datetime

Also start another sheet with

  • measurement datetime
  • body weight
  • blood pressure
  • back ache
  • eye strain

Then try to correlate them.

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Thank you for the advice, sounds good so far

I wonder where I can learn about the code u would use i.e. Log onto Ai2 Help Board

another question is if this can be run on mit app inventor


I found that it is the App inventor code, so this solves my queries and now I may start from here with the app

have a great day

Just a word of caution.

Keep the data outside the code, not in text blocks.

Learn to work with lists and tables.

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fantastic, many thanks for sharing these materials :slight_smile:

thanks for the tip mate, so many resources but I'll check them out :wink: