App Inventor Emulator Does Not Work on Mac

I currently have the Macbook Pro with the M2 chip running on Mac OS Version Ventura and I tried downloading the AI emulator and it did not work when i tried to connect it when creating my app. I read the instructions carefully and followed each step and tried downloading it twice. Can someone please help me as soon as possible?

I even tried this which is downloading android studio and creating a device manager and it did not connect to the emulator.

The emulator we publish for macOS is for Intel based Macs. For Apple Silicon Macs you can either use the Android Studio emulator for Apple Silicon or you should be able to install the MIT App Inventor for iOS Companion via the App Store.

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Thank you so much for the prompt response!

I was able to download the app for IOS Companion via the App Store. When I use the AI companion, is there a way for it to emulate an andriod although I am using an apple device?

If you are planning to use the Android Studio emulator with App Inventor, you must start the emulator in Android Studio first before selecting the Connect > Emulator option, otherwise aiStarter will attempt to start the Intel based emulator (which will fail). Once you've started your Android Studio based emulator, make sure to install the companion app by downloading it from here and dragging the APK file onto the emulator window.

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