App crashing as screen changes

Hi everyone. My app works in the companion but when I build the apk and install on a galaxy tab 3, it crashes as I move from the the second registration screen to the main screen. I am not sure if it is register2 or my home screen that is causing the issue. I have 5 screens in total. I can combine the two registrations screens into 1 but I think things should be ok with 5 screens. THe app used to work fine until about 3 days ago and i am not sure what has changed. What do you need from my to assist in finding the issue here

Blocks for ScreenRegister2. I cant see anything wrong with these but would be pleased to learn.

do you use the same method of switching screens in all screens?

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Its a new thing I have been trying to see if leaving the screens open, like I used to do, was the cause of the problem

always use the same method in all screens

The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor

Tribblehunter's Multiple Screen Method


I am. I started trying this new method about4 hours ago and it didnt change anything I am sorry to say.

Tribblehunter is one method, and there are several others that are also ok.
However the problem started before I used this procedure process to move to new screens so respectfully, I dont think this is the issue.

important is to use the same method for switching screens...
another thing could be large images...
see also tip 2 here


Hello Robert

Make sure there are no typos in the Screen Names you call (The text string you send to Procedure 'SwitchScreen').

You might like to consider using Virtual Screens instead. The Virtual Screen method delivers a slightly faster App and does away with the need to pass data from one to the other. What are Virtual Screens? Screen1 is the ‘real’ Screen and device-sized Vertical Arrangements on it are displayed/hidden as required - they are the Virtual screens.

For me that method does not works all time.
This works perfectly for me:

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Thanks guys. I will check the screen names for typos. I'll post the aia file so you can take a look as i dont really think the screen name thing is it but will follow your advice and check. The app crashes when I click submit on screen register2. so it could be register2 that is at fault or it could be the start of my home screen that is the issue. I include here the first set of blocks for screenhome for your information. As I have said previosly, I dont think the method of screen closing is the issue as the crashes started 4 days ago and i only started closing screens like this yesterday. I'll make the procedure change suggested by vknow360 and report back though just to be sure.

Checked all spelling on screen names and all seems ok. I think the problem is with ScreenHome loading as when I change the screenregister2 next page to another one (ScreenWhereTo) then the next page loads fine. When I change the next page to ScreenHome then the app crashes so I think the issue must be with ScreenHome and perhaps the initialisation of that screen. What do you guys think?

Post the aia (or a test aia).

Taxi4U_copy (1).aia (546.5 KB)

Here you go. Aia file posted. Is there a limit to the number of webviewers I can have on a page? I have two on ScreenHome.

The reason is the Navigation component.
Check the Properties (in Designer) ...

See also here:

I dont see anything wrong with the properties for the navigation componenet. I sent the start and end details in the code. Should I set it to initially disabled and then set the start and endn detasils and then enable it. Do you think that would work?

looks like I am not the only one with this issue. I need to use the nav component. Any ideas?

Anke, Ive checked the properties in designer. It has my app key and the other details are blank as they are set in the code blocks. What are you suggesting is wrong please.

I have never used the Navigation component.
See here and check / try the test aia.

Thanks Anke, I will do as you suggest. You have been a massive help. Thank you.