AP CSP EXAM HELP, my ListPicker isn't working

When I click on the list picker and click on the food. It says, Error: "The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments."

Use SelectionIndex instead of Selection.

And check how are you making the lists. If you join all the urls you will have only one element.

Randomly today, my code is only showing one element of the list which is the Wild Salmon veggie for the web viewer, when earlier today it worked perfectly?

your lists do not really make sense...
also why is there a for each item in list loop in the after picking event?
in the end, only the last element from the list will be displayed

learn how to work with lists


Not be rude, but I don't have time for this. Everything was working fine when I was submitting my code to the AP CSP EXAM Project and now it doesn't, so I have to redo my video and everything. I'm trying to figure out why what I did worked first, and if I messed up the ode when moving it around and taking snips for the AP EXAM Create App due Tuesday.

well, this is your choice...

you have one item lists...
how do you want to pick something from a one item list... it always will be that item
a list usually has several items and only then you can pick something from it

do the list tutorial!


I should remove the for each number then, correct?

and use correct lists


Do you know why it worked before?

when you say one item, its basically the person clicks the food and the webviewer goes to that page, it was working before which is why I'm confused. So you are saying I should make a list for every single food item?

why don't you just look into the tutorial?

from there


you need 2 lists
list1 with the food items and list2 with the urls

after selecting an item from list1, use the selection index to select the corresponding item from list2, which is the url and go to that url using the webviewer