limited to arrangement

is there a way to limit the scope of Any to a specific Screen or Arrangement?

You could try using a conditional statement to limit a Click based on the current Arrangement is VIsible or not. If HorizontalArrangement.Visible = true then execute the click ; otherwise, do not. :slight_smile:


that is definitely a workaround.

it is possible that is inherent. i will test. seems that by default, if any arrangement isnt visible that you could not click in it

You could keep lists of the Buttons in that Arrangement, and use the IS IN LIST test block in your ANY BUTTON CLICK event.

Sample project:


Thank you @SteveJG and @ABG for the great solutions. both have unique benefits that i will use.

expanding on that..
my app has is getting big and im looking for ways to clean it up and make the flow more readable, mostly for my own debugging, and of course overall good habbits.

would it be a good practice to eliminate all of my blocks and use a single any with comparisons to create a "flow chart" type of directionality?

the end result would be maybe an alphabetical list of button names and resulting action. That would clean up all 20 or so of my blocks and put all of the actions in a single place so i dont have to find them.

If you see combs or a tiled wall in your Blocks Image, you have replicated logic that could be gathered into a single generic Event block.

Those are usually tied to lists of component blocks for which that event logic holds.

Sample projects:

There is a browser extension in the Blocks Editor FAQ that adds a nice FIND capability.

See the Browser Extension section.

How can limit the action of Anybutton to predetermined buttons only?

Initial a variable button list , saving some Buttons. When any Button. Clicked, check if this Button is in the button list.

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