Android 11 and Storage-File

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  • On Android 10 devices requestLegacyExternalStorage will continue to work regardless of targetSdk
  • On Android 11 devices for new apps targeting SDK 30 requestLegacyExternalStorage is ignored / false.

The block before File1.Delete was File1.LegacyMode=True

As of yesterday, the LegacyMode block was disconnected from the do block, it was on its own on the board.

So the bad LegacyMode block is my fault. I marked the method as deprecated and the blocks editor handles this differently than it used to. I will need to write an upgrader to handle this correctly. In the meantime, you will want to replace the LegacyMode block with this:


It worked!!

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I can confirm, my old apps continue to access to documents folder, but I can no longer modify or recompile them.
No solution to date?

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Purtroppo..cmq io ho cercato di superare il problema..usando al posto di caro e vecchio TinyDB.

try the SAF extension


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Can I list a subdir (Documents) created with filemanager in the asd of my application ?

Yes, but how about just trying this out for yourself before asking any questions here.
(Only two simple blocks are needed for this.)

I have 2 buttons with text Documents and Download an 2 subfolders as above.
Attached my blocks

Thank you, if I understand well my mistake is having created the subdir with filemanager

This shouldn't make a difference.

I tried with these blocks, the documents folder was created, then i copied in that folder my documents, but the app does not run.

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... or this:

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... or this:


Thank you very much Anke, your last suggestion is very simple.