Android 11 and Storage-File

Now I would open the picked file, I tried 2 ways without success


You solved all my problems, also my blocks for pdf run well

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@Anke, if I understand well we no longer need your extension GETASD

Yes, correct.

See also here:

I'm sorry, I missed that thread

With this code I get error File not found, but it is there

Set the file scope of the file component to App and read the file only by using the filename Rubri.csv



Thank you, it runs, also for saving.

I'm confused, when I read/write without / I'm using asd or private dir ?

everything depends on the file scope you are using...
the example @Anke was providing might be misleading, because the companion app will store everything in the ASD... as we can see from her screenshot, here it is the data subdirectory of the ASD...


Yes of course, but with the APK it is saved in the privateDir (in the internal storage):


Thanks Anke & Taifun, I have understood finally.

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