Andoid Studio emulator with App Inventor?

Do you know how it is possible to use the Android Studio Android emulator with App Inventor?

Please see the Companion and Emulator FAQ at

If you use Windows, I would suggest you give Memu Play a try. It’s a lightweight and superfast Android emulator I found out about a couple of weeks ago.

hello, can it replace that of app inventor?

Yes, you can use it instead of the AI2 Emulator.

Install AI2 Companion

I looked, I don’t see how to do it?
I reinstalled companion, at no time can I choose between the inventor emulator and memu.
I want to replace the emulator with memu by calling directly from the inventor menu?
maybe it is not possible?

You have to start Memu
Run Companion app in Memu
Then start Companion in Ai2
Type in code on companion app in memu

Make sure companion app is running on the same network

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You don’t replace the emulator link in App Inventor. You just use Memu Play the same way you would use a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.).