All Rescued Extensions from Thunkable Classic Community

Thanks, I'll update that ASAP after I get home.

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Thanks im ahmad matr

@Zhangzqs - WebViewer Interact

cn.zzq.WebUI.WebUI.aix (20.8 KB)


@ILoveThunkable - WebViewerDialog Extension

edu.moliata.webviewerdialog.WebViewerDialog.aix (11.1 KB)


Does anyone knows if this Firebase Authentication extension still works 2023?

I need to get refresh token to work in my Kodular app, and for what I've learned so far this extesion is my best shot. Default FB Authentication on Kodular doesn't seem to support refreshing a login and thus is sending my users back to login screen every hour, not the best user experience.

Have you tried using the extension in AppInventor? Might be that Kodular blocks the extension because of its own implementation for firebase ?

You can always use the Firebase REST api and the web component to refresh the auth token....


This guide is woking wonderfully. I had overlooked it because the title made me think it was just about Firebase DB, not authentication. After reading it more carefully I could find the answers to make it work. I'm currently working on the implementation, but the instructions seem to still be all valid to this date.

Thank you!

It is possible, I believe, to use federated logins (login providers) with the REST api, but it becomes more complex, as it is not possible to, for example, sign into Google using the web component. A combination of a webviewer (with modified user agent), and use of the webviewstring, and the web component, will be required to sign in, get the 0Auth token/s then use this to authenticate in Firebase.

Since I'm kinda in a schedule I'll keep email/password for the sake of simplicity. But I'll save these ideas for later.

I appreciate you taking a time to look into this. Thanks!

Audio Extensions


com.django.waveaudiotools.aix (16.9 KB)

com.django.wavrecorder.aix (16.8 KB)

g10dras (for good measure)



Luke Gackle


com.LukeGackle.WebViewCookieTools.aix (9.0 KB)

It may have been removed from Luke's website for a reason.....


Luke Gackle


WebViewTools - Version 9 - RELEASE.aix (29.0 KB)

It also may have been removed from Luke's website for a reason....

(The source code is still up on github though....)


May i have the link of this collection please :slightly_smiling_face:

I think all in this thread already.

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Dear Gordon_Lu

Regarding the @Andres_Cotes file should appear the following blocks, which only show the ones you show, do you know if the original file could be obtained and said extension can be recovered
thank you


Hello Rod, where did you find the screenshot you showed? Or do you have an AIA file of the extension that contains the relevant blocks? Maybe what I found is an older version of the extension.

I'm in a hospital and I'll update it when I get home.