Printing QR Codes?

I want to print QR codes for the products in a manufacturing plant. I could able to create till QR code. But, not able to find a way to print it.

Hi, How can I link this to the QR code generated in the MIT APP Inventor 2 and print it to the printer. Does this find the printer automatically? Is it Bluetooth or WIFI also?

I am really looking for solution. I have referred many:

  1. Print of QR code using Bluetooth sending Bytes.

  2. Paid extension

  1. Do I need to use only Thermal printer? Not any other printer?

  2. I want to see, if possible to use wifi or the lease is bluetooth. When I try to use Bluetooth, it is not connecting the basic devices.

  3. Here is the printer my client planning to use. Does this extension support this printer:

try this. and how do I do. Sorry for the English, I'm using a translator.