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Hello Everyone; I am new to developing apps. While I have successfully uploaded two apps to Google Play Console build with MIT Inventor, I need help developing an app for my live radio and having a problem completing it. Here is a screenshot of the player and block of what I have done so far.

MIT App Inventor block

Any suggestion(s) welcomed

Thanks, Fred

So what's your questions?

You mean UI, or blocks?

Sorry about that! Thank you! I am having issues with the correct way to add the live URL;audio.mp3 to the block. I am not sure how to do that. I have been looking at some players I have seen just for playing mp3 files, but they are not helpful.

MIT App Inventor and 19 more pages - Personal - Mi.


the code looks good for me.

Try something like this:

Android 9 / 13:

[Anke] Happy Sunday, and thanks. I am surely going to work on that block. It is the first sample that I have seen looking that impressive.


This should do for now:

Anke, Thank You for the responses and guides. After a long time searching, I finally found the Taifunplayer extension, and now I need to find the netConnected and Is not finding that extension. Where do I find that extension? Thanks

You can also take this:

Again, quick response Anke, Thanks. The different name fooled me. I do have that extension. I was looking for the name "netConnected1 .isOnline" block. It is now "net1 .IsConnected". I will now start putting things together.


Thunkable closed some time ago. Unfortunately, not all extensions can be found in the WayBack machine.

Thank You, Kevinkun. I am pretty new to building apps. Thanks to many app builders for their valuable help. I am learning because of you guys.

Hello Anke, thanks for helping! I cannot find the "call play" block". Under where do I find it thanks.

Live Audio Streaming App

it's a procedure to be coded by your self.
see the origin post:

Thanks [Kevinkun]! As I said before, I am very new at this and unsure how to do that.

Again Thanks

Try this instead:


Hi Anke, I found the following thread where you seem to have help. My app runs fine through Al Companion, but NOT when I download the apk and install the player. It is the same issue I am having.
App not responding close or wait - Radio streaming app