All Rescued Extensions from Thunkable Classic Community

Hi Gordon,

I was sorry to hear that you are hospitalized. I am wishing you a speedy recovery. Please take care and rest well.


Hello, I hope you recover soon, I am new to the invention app, I saw a video on YouTube that I attached the link Crear una pantalla intro o splash screen con MIT App Inventor - YouTube where I followed the creation process and there the file that I mentioned was mentioned ( from there take the screenshot)

Andres Cotes Dendritas Table extension:

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thank you i really needed this extension

This is Arrangement Design.

Please Update it in list, if it is right.

how it work? i need blocks for this extension

Hello, is there another extension of Andrés cuts of animation, does someone or you have it?

I'm also looking for this extension, it's urgent

If you want an animation extension (an up to date one, by a current developer), why not try: