Absolute Positioning

I could not find how to enable absolute positioning for a control like text box. Is there easy way to find out answers by reading instead of writing questions here. Please provide link where can i read about how positioning is set.

There is an absolute positioning feature in the pipeline, but not yet ready for release.

You could use an extension to do this:

The extension works for AI2 as well.

or you can tell us why absolute positioning is needed?

I did not know how to position a control on screen exactly where i want it. Then i found the Vertical/Horizontal control in Layout and used them by hit and trial.
If i could paste blocks here but have no idea how to copy blocks and paste them.

The idea is using of many nested V/H controls. and adjusting them the way i needed to design the screen.

Otherwise you know drag drop at certain location is ideal drag and drop design interface.

anyway i am still learning, hope to find better approach.

this is the right way. and you can add label for spacing.