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I recently discovered that Airtable no longer allows API Keys but instead uses Personal Token IDs. When I first started I used Kevinkun's extension and it worked very well (Thank him very much) but now they have announced that the API Key is no longer working. I looked around the forum and saw that not many people use Airtable, so I didn't see anyone talking about this problem.

I read that Baserow is a good alternative, but having only 1000 API requests per month is a bit small. Self-hosted seems quite complicated so I'm still figuring it out. (I don't do anything related to technology, just want to try making a small app)

Are there any other extensions or other ways to connect to Airtable? I quite like this type of database because it is easy to use and filters well.

Can you live with free Airtable limitations?

Free includes:

Unlimited bases

1,000 records per base

Up to 5 editors

1 GB of attachments per base

100 automation runs

Interface Designer

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If all you want is an online table store, how about

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It's Chinese New Year holiday now, I am away from my computer, i will check with that when I'm back.

Anyway, you can use Web component to operate your data with the API.

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I tested the extension, and if you feed the ApiKey a token, it still is working:

for those who don't know where is the extension:

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It's a bit small, but with the app I'm currently testing, it's enough. I will try the paid version or another better database if possible.

At first I was a bit hesitant with Spreadsheet because it doesn't have as many easy-to-use utilities as Airtable, but now it seems to be the best choice for me. Thanks for the suggestion.

Oh I see. Happy New Year and wishing you the best this year. Thank you so much for the great extensions.

Thank you for your checking and support. I just tried again and surprisingly, it still works.

Airtable announced that the API Key would stop working starting February 1st. However, I was still able to use it after that day and was convinced that everything would be fine until two days ago, I received an Airtable API key deprecation notice on my screen via companion. After that, I couldn't access the app anymore.
I guess Airtable is limiting usage? Or is it slowly starting to stop working? Maybe it will send the error message again later?
It's fine now but I'm not sure. Anyway, thank you very much for your hard work even on holidays.

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