A Simple and Elegant Notes App

I don't know why I like showcasing my apps- but here is another :smile:.
Note: I actually use this as my main notes app, so I pixelated a few personal notes.

notesicon Notes
A simple notes app that makes use of TinyDB and stores notes in the method of note_title:note_content (as key:value).

Screenshots and Usage

Home screen (landing)
Tap the top-right button to search notes, tap the top-left to make a new note.

New note screen
Using @AyProductions's markdown to HTML and vice versa extension the app can keep notes in markdown and convert them to HTML to inject in an HTML-enabled label. Tap the top-left button to toggle between preview and edit modes. It sounds simple enough, but for some reason the screen required 200+ blocks.

Tap the top-right button to show additional functions. This was accomplished using @Faraz_Firoz's Popup Extension. Save now saves the note manually, Copy copies the markdown content of the note, Share shares the markdown content of the note, and Delete deletes the note.

Search screen
Using @Taifun's Textbox extension the searched notes refresh as each new character is inputted in the textbox. The app not only searches note titles but also note contents.


Remember to give credit if using the AIA or parts of it in your own work.
AIA project file
APK v1.0.1 installable file (download from Internxt Drive)

More Credits

@Faraz_Firoz for the Lists extension to organize the list of notes alphabetically.
@Taifun for the Clipboard extension for copying the notes.


That's a pretty good app! I think this is the notes app I would prefer for everyday use! :slight_smile:
Thank you for using my extension!

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